Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Little More Knitting

Our Christmas was wonderful! I hope your holiday was just what you had hoped for. The small break from this space was nice too, but I am glad to be back. Ginny is taking a break from her weekly yarn along, but I had so much fun knitting over the holiday while we traveled and then were snowed in that I thought I would share just the same.

These socks were such a fun project. I have never knit children's socks before. Boy was that silly of me. They are so quick and easy. This pair knit up in two day! The intention was to have them done in time for Boo's birthday in January, I really thought it might take me that long. Well Boo is very particular about how her socks fit so I had to try them on her as I was knitting and now they are hers, way before her birthday I might add. She loves them but wants a GREEN pair. These are green you say - so did I, to which I was told in such a serious voice "don't you see the yellow, red and blue mom? I want PLAIN GREEN. So guess what I will be knitting for her birthday.

These fingerless mitts are just what the doctor ordered for me. They are made out of a handspun yarn from a local farm. They are so toasty warm and functional. I love having my fingers free when I do chores and such. Sliding the lock on the chicken coop and snapping pictures outside just became so much easier. The pattern is a quick knit from Abi at SpiderWomanKnits.

Here is a stash of sage green yarn to make Boo her birthday socks and a Pebble Vest to go with it. I found a toddler size version of the vest on Ravlery that is knit in the round with no buttons. Right up my ally. Now to find a cute dress pattern and fabric . . .

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  1. Pretty green! I got a nice pile in a similar shade under the tree too!


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