Monday, December 13, 2010

O Christmas Tree

One of the most looked forward to traditions of the Christmas season is going to get our Christmas tree. It's a family affair and takes the whole afternoon. You just can't rush finding the perfect tree.

It was cold as we headed out into the field. Everyone was a little sad that there wasn't any snow. We were a little late getting our tree this year and the pickings seemed a little slim. We had a hard time agreeing on the tree we would bring home. Sarah wanted a tall tree. Hannah wanted a small yet plump tree. Rebekah wanted them all! Papa was patient as we ran back and forth looking at each tree not once but many times.

Hannah's tree finally earned the approval of everyone. She was excited and helped dad cut it down.

Then there was the hot cocoa and spiced cider. We sat in the hut next to the wood stove for a while and then headed out to the bon fire. The views are just breath taking.

Then the two little ones took a carriage ride. It was actually the second one. We started the day with a carriage ride when we arrived. But the little horse lovers just couldn't pass up an offer to take another ride before we headed off.

Rebekah's face says it all.

Papa strung the lights and Rebekah hung the first ornament. It wasn't long before our beautiful Christmas tree was completely decorated, and Papa added the finishing touch - Jack, the elf tree topper that his grandmother gave us last year. He's a jolly little guy that takes some getting used to if you are used to the more traditional star, but Dad has been wanting Jack to come and live at our house for as long as I can remember. He grew up with Jack and wanted to continue the tradition. I looked for many years without luck, so thank you Memere for Jack.
Now the house both looks and smells like Christmas.

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