Saturday, December 4, 2010

Handmade Holiday 2010

There has been so much holiday crafting going on around here, unfortunately most of it I have not been able to share because I don't want to spoil the surprise. However, I did want to give you a peek at a few.

A wet felted candle in a birch holder. These were fun to make. I even got out the power tools myself! We are thinking of making more to hang on the tree. Just need to dye some more yellow roving or find some locally. I really need a sheep or two. Ok not a need, but wouldn't it be fun?

These little felt trees look so adorable. We used the wonderful tutorial by the extremely creative Linda of Natural Suburbia. These are already on their way to a special someone. I think I will be making a set for our house soon. Just need to find a good supplier for wool felt - any suggestions?

This is one of my favorite gifts so far. Sarah is making a play mat for Rebekah to go with her collection of Ostheimer Farm and Family Figures. She has decorated the green felt mat with pathways, a garden, and a pond. She has even made a couple sections of rock wall. I can't wait to see Rebekah's face when she open it.

I've made quite a bit of progress on the quilt for Rebekah's doll bed. All that is left to machine quilt it and sew on the binding. I think it is coming along well for a non quilter. And it matches the blanket I knit quite well. Now Rosie (Rebekah's doll) will be warm all winter.

There is still a lot of projects left on our list, but we are having so much fun crafting together and praying for the recipient as we do so. Making our gifts adds so much to our Christmas preparations.

If you would like to see more handmade gift ideas please visit Handmade Holiday 2010 sponsored by the lovely Tonya over at Plain and Joyful Living.

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  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    What lovely projects you have all been busy with! They are beautiful, thank you so much for sending me the link to your felt trees, they are wonderful!


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