Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Handmade Holiday Update

I'd taken a break from knitting lately, except for framer's market dishcloths and scrubbies (which really don't count as knitting). I started a sweater for Sarah and it is a big bite for me. Knit with a fine lace yarn on small needles with some stitches I have never knit before. Leave it to say I was finding it tedious and not enjoyable, so I put it away along with all other knitting. Well, I miss knitting, and the thought of picking up that sweater after not knitting for a while was daunting, so I started another project.

A hat! I love knitting hats! They are usually simple. They are usually quick. A day or two and you have a finished project. So rewarding. So I figure I will finish this hat and then pick up Sarah's sweater again. This time realizing that I may have to have some small easy projects going on at the same time. And that works out just fine, because I have begun the task of organizing my holiday crafting thanks to Tonya over at Plain and Joyful Living.

Every Monday, Tonya post a Handmade Holiday 2010. She has great tips on getting organized and is collecting ideas for everyone on your list. Last week was one of the harder ones - teenage boys. Boy were there some good ideas.

So while you may be seeing a lot of work in process over the next few months, you may not get a lot of details. It is more fun if the gifts are a surprise.

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