Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Little Sewing for a Birthday Girl

For Christmas I made Rebekah a Princess and the Pea payset. All ski season she took it to the mountain to play with while her big sisters skied. There here friend Logan discover the story of the Princess and the Pea and loved playing with the set. So when we were invited to her 5th birthday party I just knew I had to make her her own Princess and the Pea play set.

I changed the doll for Logan's set. I like this one much better. You can find the pattern and tutorial for this little doll here. They also have different clothes and a boy doll.

I also made the whole set a little smaller. There are 10 mattresses stuffed with cotton batting. The pea is wet felted wool.

Here's the whole set including a book we made of the story. It all fits in a green, little bag with a pocket for the princess and one for the pea.

The party was a blast and Logan loved her Princess and the Pea playset. I love making and receive homemade gifts. We are having a handmade Christmas again this year and I am searching for ideas. I would love to hear about items you have made for toddlers, tween girls, dads, husbands, and grandparents.

And if you are interested in having a handmade Christmas hop on over to Plain and Joyful Living where Tonya is hosting a Handmade Holiday 2010!


  1. She did love it!!!! Its wonderful, my favorite kind of gift...from the heart!!!!

  2. I love homemade/handmade gifts! I am currently working on some adorable barnyard balls for two little nephews and a niece this Christmas. I already made a set for Samuel's 1st birthday (can't believe it's next month!). You can find the pattern at I would love to do a completely homemade Christmas, but I don't know if I can pull it off.

  3. I made sets like this for my niece and daughter and they loved them. With homemade, its always in the back of my mind, that I might be spending longer on making them than the children will spend playing with them. The princess and the pea sets turn out to be a winner! Phew!

  4. Absolutely darling! I'll have to check this tutorial out and make some for my granddaughters. Thank you for sharing. Hope your day has been a blessed one.


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