Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July at the River

It was a scorcher, so over the railroad tracks and . . .

. . . through the woods

along a magical path . . .

we headed to the river to keep cool. Hannah had a hard time getting Beau in the water. He really doesn't like to swim.

Papa build little pools for Rebekah to splash in.

And she did just that.

She figured out how to keep her head cool without going under.

The first time she stood up she declared, "my hair is peeing!" Oh what our children say. We all laughed, which of course made her say it again and again.

Sarah and Papa explored the other side of the river. It was deep enough to jump from the lower ledge. They discovered a smooth rock that was the perfect slide into a deep pool. That kept the big girls busy for quite a while.

A little river art we built and left for others to enjoy.

Hope you had a joyous 4th of July.


  1. that looks like a magical spot...we love playing in the streams and rivers around us too.

  2. remind me to show you my DD giftcard.... LOL
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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