Thursday, December 10, 2009

Handmade Candles

Everyone in the family has had a wonderful time crafting for our family and friends. Hannah was really excited to try her hand at candle making. So we headed to the craft store to pick up some supplies - wax, wick, scents, colors, and jars.

Hannah did a great job figuring out the whole process. Here she gets the wicks and jars set up before she starts to melt the wax.

We used a bees wax which melted so nicely. The color was added at the beginning, but the scent wasn't added until it was completely melted. Boy did it smell wonderful when it was added.

Mom had to help pour the hot wax while Hannah held the wick in place with a long skewer. Then they were left to cool while Hannah made tags

Here are the finished candles with their adorable tags. I sure hope I find some of these under the tree.

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