Saturday, December 19, 2009

Felting Fun

Needle felting is one of those crafts that keeps popping up every where I go. Craft fairs, agricultural fairs, yarn shops, catalogs and blogs. and of course every time I see it I think - WOW! that is so cool. I've got to give it a try. So while at the Fryeburg Fair back in October I bought two felting kits and some extra dyed fleece. I wasn't sure how to get started so it all sat at the back of my yarn bin. Jump to December and the Christmas crafting inspiration and the felting supplies just had to come out.

The fleece is so soft and fluffy. It is fun just to twirl it in between your fingers. We have some great colors including some natural fleece.

We started with an easy project. Cookie cutter ornaments. It really is easy. Place the cookie cutter on the foam pad and fill with the color fleece of your choice. Carefully start poking it with the needle. Now here is where you must be very careful. These needles are SHARP!

You keep poking the fleece. This motion mattes the fibers making felt! How cool is that? You need to be careful to flip and move your piece otherwise it will get felted to your foam pad. Keep poking and felting until your piece is the thickness and density that you want.

Here are some of our completed ornaments. You can leave them as is or embellish them with embroidery floss, buttons or beads.

I can already see so many applications for felting. I think you will be seeing little felted treasures adorning some of my next projects - hats, mittens, bookmarks, . . . What would you adorne?

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