Friday, December 18, 2009

Gratitude in a Wrap

Another gift checked off the list. Sarah made this for someone special and I just had to share. Luckily the special lady doesn't check the blog.

This lovely wrap came from one of our favorite crafty ladies, Amanda Soule. You can find the pdf directions on her blog, Soule Mama. Look on the left hand side under For You.

The best part is when you open this lovely wrap up. It holds all you need to write those thank you notes for all the thoughtful Christmas gifts you received. There is a small address book and pen, card and envelopes, and stamps.

Sarah added the embroidered block for a personal touch. Thanks to the Richardson and Kelley ladies for help with the embroidery.

Now I know this wont be under the tree for me, but . . . hint, hint. You could make another one Sarah. Couldn't you?


  1. How lovely! Great job, Sarah. I might try to make one or two. I still have a few special people I wanted to do something for.

  2. That is so beautiful. Hope you got your Christmas wish Elizabeth!!


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