Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poetry Reading

Sarah was asked to be part of a poetry class. The class of about 12 homeschoolers is being taught by professional poets. The kids have all been writing original poems and having a great time doing it. After four weeks with Ed Patch, the kids were invited to a poetry reading at a local library. The host and guest speaker read some of the poems first and then there was an open mic session when all the kids got to read.

Sarah read two of the poems she wrote during class. She did a great job!

The Oak Tree - by Sarah

I stand tall, tall
Swaying in the gentle breeze
Shaking my arms and rattling my leaves
Visiting squirrels scamper up and down
Tickling me with there little feet
Me and my brother and sister
Maple, birch
Cherry and mahogany
I stand next to them all
I the oak tree.

This was one of the poems Sarah wrote and read. The assignment was to write an "I" or personification poem. I thought it was beautiful.

This is Mr. Patch, the children's teacher. He was fabulous and really taught the kids a lot. I don't think any of them expected poetry to be so much fun.

Rebekah and Rosie enjoyed the evening as well.

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