Friday, October 23, 2009

Playgrounds and Knitting - Do they mix?

While the big girls are at poetry the little ones and I head to the playground for a couple of hours. Luckily the weather has been beautiful the last few Fridays and we have enjoyed picnic lunches and lots of fresh air.

Every week I bring one of the knitting projects I am working on and every week it ends up sitting on our picnic quilt. If I am lucky I might get a row or two done. No worries though. This is one of the things I so love about knitting. It can go with me anywhere without any hassle and if I get a little time great and if not - no worries. A row here, a row there, projects are getting done at just the right pace for this family.

The cat and mouse on the playground, the underdogs on the swings, and the trains on the slide are so much more important than the knit one pearl one. And of course there is the giggles and memories being made. I don't even think Sarah will mind that her lime green legwarmers will be a little while longer.

So for now I will continue to take my knitting with me, but the kids know they come first.

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