Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Science Fair

The Homegrown Explorers Annual Science Fair was a huge success. There were 14 displays covering such topics as space, vision, earthquakes, volcanoes, baseball and clouds.

I am sure most of you have already guessed what Sarah's project was about. Yes you guessed it ornithology! This pictures was taken the night of the fair. Unfortunately my camera was messed up and it is out of focus.
This is a better picture of her display board. She put it on the wall in her room. I love the way she displayed the different kinds of feeders and used the tree as a attention grabber.

Hannah's project was on horses - her true love. She did a great job especially considering she started it just a few days before. (She originally wasn't going to participate.)

Rebekah had fun checking out all the displays. She especially like the Ian's model of the Solar System.

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