Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The girls and I all got new paint boards thanks to Dad. I have been wanting to get these paint boards for a while, but just couldn't justify the expense. Well, Dad came through and made us out paint boards. Everyone was so excited and couldn't wait to try them out.

Rebekah loves to paint. This was the first time she used watercolor paper that we wet first. She loved how the paint flowed and blended. She kept want to add more and more color. She already has an eye for color. And that she gets from her Dad.

Hannah has a vision of the world all her own. Stuck between a little child and a growing young lady she see things from a perspective many of us miss. A king of awkward grace that is all her own and I just love it.

Here supplies are left scattered about the kitchen table after an evening of joyfully creating. I think a trip to the craft store for more watercolor paint, paper, and brushes will be needed soon.

The kitchen counter was coverd with swirls of color as everyone headed off to bed. Hopefully all the dreams will be as colorful as well.


  1. Looks like fun, love the paint boards!

  2. Those are really fun... I haven't ever seen pait boards before, what a cool idea.


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