Friday, June 12, 2009

In Search of Lady's Slippers

The Lady's Slipper is New Hampshire's State Flower. Not all that long ago it was on the endangered species list. Fortunately this beautiful flower has made an incredible come back. Chances are you will spot a few if you venture out into the woods of New Hampshire.

Tin Mountain Conservation Center had a contest at the beginning of June to see who could spot the most Lady's Slippers in a 10'x10' area. The girls love a challenge and so we set off to find the biggest patch of Lady's Slippers we could.

We hit what we thought was the jack pot on Bear Notch Road - 42 beautiful Lady's Slipper blooms. The area was packed with more than 150 Lady's Slippers on both sides of the road. We sent in our entry with high hopes of winning the Tin Mountain baseball hat.

Unfortunately not this time. Someone in Sandwich spotted 100 Lady's Slippers in a 10'x10' area. Oh well. Better luck next time. Still is was really cool to find so many of this once rare flower.

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  1. I love lady slippers. They bring back memories of hiking with my grandfather as a child. We used to search for the "rare" flower. Not so rare any more!


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