Friday, June 5, 2009

Garden Update!

You just gotta love blue skies and tomato flowers. Unfortunately not all our days have been so lovely and not all my plants look so good. We have had our share of rainy chilly weather, and it is taking its toll on my garden. The beans and cucumbers have been hit the hardest. Their leaves are yellow and sickly. Mrs. Earle at the organic garden in town promises me it is just the cool nights and that they should bounce back when the temps start to climb. I just hope it's soon.
The carrots that we planted in the container have sprouted and look good. We will have to be thinning them as I think the kids got a little zealous with the seeds.

Rebekah and Sarah are watering the potatoes. The rain has been great for them. They have grown a ton since this picture was taken just a few days ago. I hope the potatoes underground are growing as well as the leafy tops. I'll get an updated picture as soon as it stops raining.

I know the picture is a little out of focus, so just humor me and squint a little. But I just had to add my little broccoli. Isn't is cute? We also have pea flowers, and bean flowers, and pepper flower buds. And the spinach is finally growing and might even be ready for the first harvest soon. Yea! Green Smoothies from the garden!

Rebekah is such a big help in the garden. She loves to water the plants. She also likes to pull weeds, we just have to keep a very close eye that it is only weed that she pulls.

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  1. Love the pic of the tomato blossom, it came out great!


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