Sunday, June 21, 2009

Montshire Museum

One of the girls favorite places to go while visiting gramma and grampa is the Montshire Museum in Norwich, VT. It is an awesome hands on science and nature museum. We were lucky enough to have grampa take us for the morning.

Here Sarah and Rebekah along with a new little friend explore the bubble area. Rebekah loves bubble, but had never seen bubbles this big.

This was Rebekah's first trip to the Montshire, and she was beside herself. She loved it all and couldn't decide what to do. I just love her expressions as she plays, explores, and discovers.

While studying weather a few weeks back, Hannah often wondered what it would be like to touch a cloud. Well she got her chance. As cool as it was, I think her idea of floating on a cloud was shattered.

The anti gravity mirror had us all in stitches. It wasn't easy to get lined up quite rite, but when you did it really looked like you were floating. Rebekah had to keep looking at herself so she looks like a two headed floating cutie pie.

Rebekah has always been into music. She loved making music in the outside courtyard of the museum.

We ended our visit with a walk along the nature trails. I ended up carrying Rebekah and didn't get to snap any pictures. It was a neat walk along the Connecticut River.

All in all it was a great day. The girls had fun playing, exploring, and discovering - learning and not even realizing it. And to think Sarah just wanted to go to see the awesome bird nest collection.

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