Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Story Land

Living in the White Mountains, a prime vacation spot, means there is always somewhere or something the kids want to do. Every summer, Story Land is on the top of their list of places to go. A family friendly amusement park geared towards the younger crowd, it is a fun place to spend the day if the tourists aren't out in force.

This was Rebekah's first visit to Story Land and boy did she love it. From visiting Mother Goose in the shoe to get her sticker until the last ride, she never stopped giggling. Here she is perched in the shelves of Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eaters pumpkin.

Next we headed off to the tea cups from Alice in Wonderland. I wasn't sure how Rebekah would take to the spinning of this ride. You can just see her hat. And as it spun round and round I couldn't see her face, but she emerged all smiles wanting to do more. She must get this from her Dad. Just thinking about these rides makes my stomach turn.

With the horse lovers in the family we had to visit the Merry-Go-Round. Both Rebekah and Hannah loved this ride. Sarah was a sport and rode with Rebekah so mom didn't.

The swan boats were next.

Here Connor and Taylor pose in the pumpkin carriage. Thanks to these two Busy Bees, the six kids and I spent the day at Story Land for FREE! Thanks boys.

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  1. I LOVED Story Land when I was younger! I remember the last time we went, they were getting ready to build a section that had a large rainbow over it... (?)It was so much fun and I would love to take my kiddo there someday when we visit in the summer!


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