Sunday, July 12, 2009

Exploring Lake Umbagog

Tin Mountain Conservation Center led a day long canoe trip to Lake Umbagog. We were so excited to get out in canoes again and hoping to see lots of wild life, especially birds.

We weren't disappointed. One the way up we spotted a cow moose with her baby munching on the shoots in the swamp. Unfortunately we weren't able to snap a picture. Next we stopped along the river to look at an awesome bald eagle's nest. It is huge! We were able to get a good look at it through binoculars but no pictures. There aren't any signs that it was a viable nest. Maybe next year.

Finally we made it to the boat launch. Our group, 5 canoes and 2 kayaks, headed up the river and into the lake. We spotted a couple of loons, found a loon nesting site, and spotted a small birds we hadn't seen before. Then as if on cue, we paddled around a bend in the river and there he was. A huge, beautiful bald eagle just waiting for us. It was an awesome site.

Doug snapped this picture as well as a bunch more of this majestic bird. All of us just floated in the river mesmerized by his presence. There is an active bald eagle's next on the lake. Unfortunately we didn't learn of its location until we were headed home. Hopefully, when we head back up in a couple of weeks we will be able to spot it.

Next we came across an osprey that could help showing off for us. He soared and dove searching for a few fish for his lunch.

To end the day, the girls pointed out this osprey nest they had seen a couple weeks before.

It was another great day exploring with Tin Mountain. If you live in the Mount Washington Valley I strongly suggest you check out all the great programs and events they offer. You wont regret it.

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  1. How awesome to see a Bald Eagle in the wild! We have seen some in captivity, but to see one in the wild would be amazing! The picture is incredible.


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