Sunday, February 1, 2009

Staying Toasty Warm

The weather up here has been quite cold of late. Luckily we have a wood stove to keep us all toasty warm. The girls have the responsibility of keeping the wood box filled. While the older two are diligent in completing their task they don't see any fun in it. On the other hand, Rebekah thinks helping fill the wood box is quite a lot of fun and wont let the older two go out without her. She only carries one piece, and I think slows the older girls down a bit. However, they are patient and help her out. I know that this training will pay off for all of them.

The snow banks were quite high when these pictures were taken. Believe it or not we have had another 18" of snow since and we are expecting more. It makes me so grateful for a full wood shed and a wood stove.

Ah . . . the beauty of a full wood box.

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