Monday, February 2, 2009

Sewing Project #3 - Pajama Pants

Sarah and I had a great time making her new pajama pants. They were so easy! I think we may need to make a few more pairs for both her and her sister. The picture above shows Sarah turning over the waist band. Below she is modeling the finish pants. Don't they look great?

The total cost for this project was $8.48. The fleece was some of the most expensive fabric we bought and the pattern has only been used once. If we make a few more pairs thus using the pattern again, the cost of this pair will go down. I still don't think the price was too bad. And Sarah is hoping there is enough scraps left over to make her doll Kit a matching pair. If we can get those made the price is great for two items.

Three projects down. Only four more to go!

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  1. Cute pants! That's what the kids and I are going to do someday, I've had the pattern for so long they most likly won't fit!!!


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