Saturday, February 21, 2009

Androcles and the Lion

The girls were blessed again to receive scholarships to attend Children's Stage Adventures' winter camp sponsored by the Mount Washington Valley Children's Museum. They spent last week auditioning, participating in workshops, memorizing part and learning songs in order to put on a wonderful production of Ancrocles and the Lion. The choice of show couldn't have been better as we are studying Ancient Rome in just a few weeks.
After such a wonderful experience this past summer with the same group's production of the Princess and the Pea, both girls hope to get bigger rolls this time around. Well their dreams sure did come true. Sarah was cast as none other than Androcles. And Hannah was cast as Pout Miser, a major character with quite a few lines.

Both girls worked so hard both at camp and at home to memorize their lines, songs, and dance steps. By the time show day arrived both girls were running on pure adrenaline. The show was a huge success. The girls as well as the rest of the cast did an amazing job. Children's Stage Adventures is a wonderful organization. It is truly amazing what they can accomplish in five days with a group of children ranging in age from 5 to 11.

I wish I had gotten better pictures during the show, however, I was trying to video the production so dad could see it later. Luckily they do have photo ops at the end of the show so at least you can see you great they all looked in their costumes.

The Miser Family grupmy at the loss of their slave and the prospect of being thrown out of Rome for good!

Androcles and the Lion - Best Friends!

One of the opening scenes of the play. Androclese is pleading for forgiveness after being caught asleep on the job!

The museum is bring Children's Stage Adventures back again this summer in August and the girls are already talking and planning. If there is ever a Children's Stage Adventures camp or workshop in your area I strongly recommend them.

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