Monday, February 23, 2009

Mom, There's Nothing to Do!

Doesn't every mother dread those words? Now I have known mothers who have taken this opportunity to find chores, I mean things for their children that would be considered less than thrilling. And while this can be a productive approach, both for accomplishing house work and teaching our children independence and creativity, sometimes it just isn't the right answer.

Cabin Fever has set in up here in the cold north, and we are often stuck inside with temperatures below freezing. So what's a mom to do to keep her sanity as well as her children happy and busy you ask. My answer is to visit one of the coolest kid's crafting blogs out there. The Crafty Crow!

This has to be the BEST, UP TO THE MINUTE selections of kids crafts. Every day crafts and activities from some of the most creative blogs out there are showcased on The Crafty Crow. All the time consuming searching has been done for you. And that's not all. You can search for crafts by age appropriateness, craft medium, and holidays.

So the next time your kid say they are bored and have nothing to do why not surprise them will a cool craft instead of another chore. The smiles and laughter will be worth having a little dust around the house. Cause you know, the dust will always be there, but your children wont. Take time today to make some beautiful memories. Your children will think you are the BEST MOM in the world!

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