Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look who's 4!

I can't believe my sweet babe turned 4! Four! Where did the time go? She isn't even a babe any more. Really she hasn't been for a while now, but it is hard for this mama to let go.

Boo, as she is affectionately known, is the glue that holds this crazy family of ours together. She can make us all laugh. She is fabulous at giving orders. She is a helper and a doer. She is a singer and a dancer. And as you can see she is a silly face maker, especially for the camera. Sarah was trying to get her to pose in her birthday vest, pants and green socks that are all mama made. Fat chance! But this is our Boo. The picture is just perfect!

I didn't get a pictures but her birthday table was beautiful. All of her presents were wrapped in her play silks - green, frugal and pretty to boot. Of course each gift has to be played with or posed with before she could move on. Such a gracious little girl. She wore the princess cape the rest of the evening.

Make a wish! I wonder what four year olds wish for? I know one who would like a pony. The cake - just what the birthday girl ordered - chocolate & more chocolate! It actually turned out quite yummy and not to sweet. I used a mayonnaise chocolate cake recipe that I will share later.

Sarah make Rebekah these beautiful water colored alphabet cards. They have been working on spelling every one's name. Bekah's best buddy the dog was first.

Also received was a dress and sheep family and water trough (for her farm) from Gramma and Grampa, bubbles from Hannah, a star wand and the book, The Snow Children. this ended up being the perfect book as Boo's birthday brought the first BIG snow storm.

What a fabulous day for a fabulous girl. Happy Birthday sweetheart! We love the BIG girl you are growing into.


  1. Oh, the Mama-mades look fabulous! Happy, happy birthday!!!

  2. I <3 her little outfit. Happy Birthday to your little one. Looks like she was having fun!


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