Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zig Zag Scarf

At the beginning of October my in-laws came and joined us at the Fryeburg Fair. I love the fair, especially all the handmade crafts. This year I was especially excited to check out the fibre barn. All those beautiful hand spun, hand dyed yarns. How is a girl to choose?

Well, I didn't have to choose. My birthday is a few short weeks after fair and so my in-laws bought me this beautiful wool that came in a kit with this unique scarf pattern and wooden needles. It came from the wonderful people at Rolling Knoll Farm. They also blessed me with a sock kit from Rolling Knoll and a beautiful handmade swift! Boy am I a spoiled girl.

As a newbie knitter, the zig zap pattern took me a minute and a friend to figure out. Once I did it was a breeze. I love the look of this scarf.

I have plans to make another one of these scarfs for Sarah using up some stashed yarn.

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