Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fisherman and His Wife

The girls had a great time this past week working with Children's Stage Adventures. This is the fourth play the girls have done with this awesome theater company. However, this was the first time with a group of homeschoolers. There were about 50 homeschoolers from Carrol County that spent a week putting together their version of A Fisherman and His Wife.

Hannah was cast as one of the Mayor's Assistants. Here you see her and a couple of friends back stage before the show. All made up and ready to go. Break a Leg!

Sarah was cast as an angler, one of the old fisherman.

The naughtly little hooks were her children.

The fish costume was so cool.

The entire cast!

Posing for pictures!

Sarah and Annie!

The girls are already talking about the next performance. Hopefully we will be able to bring Children's Stage Adventrues back next year. Who's up for it?

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