Monday, November 30, 2009

A Little More Handmade Christmas

After pouring through pages of craft books and scouring crafting blogs, Sarah settled on an idea from The Creative Family for Rebekah's Christmas gift - a set of lacing cards.

Here she sews a fabric drawstring bag to keep them in. Below you can see all the wonderful drawing she did. All that is left is to cut them out and punch the holes. She also has to label the bag.

This little knitting project is a secret that she is not sharing. Any guesses?

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  1. What a great gift idea for a little sister! I am really going to have to find a copy of The Creative Family book.
    My 8-year old son sewed a flannel blanket for his baby brother for Christmas. My children draw names - less crazy for me than helping each one make/do 5 gifts! That's 30 gifts! Yikes!
    I can't wait to see what she has knitted. Please be sure to share.


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