Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Shelves

A big thanks to my friends, Selena, for telling me about these awesome create that our local Shaw's Grocery store is selling. They used to use the create for displays in the store, but are no longer allowed to use them, so they are selling them for ~ get this ~ $1.00 a piece.

They are sturdy, country, green, frugal and oh so useful for so many things.

This shelving unit in our kitchen was just what we needed. We had a half round shelf from Ikea here before. It was cute but way too small. Now we've got room for cookbooks, shoes, soup tureen, biscuit jar, and so much more. I am just loving this. And all for just $9.00!

We have also use them in the pantry and under my desk. Things are so much more organized and look great! So much better than plastic creates and so much more frugal! I think I will be heading back to get some more.


  1. I could so use a couple dozen of those crates! They look great!

  2. Awesome... the shelves look so good there too!


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