Saturday, August 15, 2009

Knitting Hats

It is hard to believe that we are all readying thinking about winter. However, up here in New Hampshire it is really something we never stop thinking and planning for.

One of my goals for this summer was to knit hats for everyone in the family. I know it doesn't sound all that difficult, but if you only knew my knitting experience you would see this is quite a task. I have knit a few things in my life - a sweater for a college beau, a baby blanket 10 years ago, and most recently a vest for Rebekah's doll, Rosie.

Well with a little inspiration from one of my favorite crafty living blogs, SouleMama, and a free online pattern I jumped into my project with both needles.

I made the purple one for Rebekah first. I knew she wouldn't mind if there were a few mistakes-and a few mistakes there were. With the help of some videos on you-tube and a sweet lady at the knitting shop by my in laws I figured out some of my mistakes and tried again.

The raspberry hat came out so much better. Well enough in fact that Sarah is excited for me to start hers. Hannah's will be purple as well, but she thinks the wool is a little too itchy. Speaking of wool, I was blessed to find skeins of 100% virgin wool at a small general store of $3.00 each. So for $3.00 each and a little of my time everyone will have a warm, made with love hat this winter.

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