Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Harvest

Well after a slow and rainy start we are starting to reap the benefits of all our hard work in the garden. Now we are praying for an Indian summer.

The pepper plants look great! we have harvested some banana peppers, salsa peppers, bell peppers, and some purple hot pepper. They have all been very yummy! We have a bunch more growing as well as numerous flowers. You can see some of the tomato plants in the background if you look. Some of them are just starting to turn red!

The cucumbers are not doing as well as I had hoped. We have about half a dozen little pickling ones growing. Doug brought home a cucumber plant someone gave him from work and it looks GREAT! Just a little behind. Hopefully we will get a bunch from it. The girls and I really want to make pickles.

Bekah loves peas from the garden. So much so that I can't seem to get enough for a meal. She visits the garden numerous times a day to pick and eat the fat pea pods. We did plant a second crop of peas and they are doing great. Lots of peas and flowers.

Here are the red potatoes we harvested the other day. They are just the size we like for reds. We had hoped to get more, but the plants seemed to die off early. Don't know why. All said and done we ended up with just under 20 pounds.

We have picked green beans a couple of times so far, but this is the most we have gotten at one time. The girls are looking forward to Alyssa's Special Green Bean. I'll share the recipe soon.

I love having a garden and am learning more every year. I am making notes so next years harvest will be even better.


  1. What a wonderful harvest! We have had lots of tomatoes, mostly little salad tomatoes, but that's all we harvested this year. We'll try again next year.

  2. Awesome!!! Our garden is coming along too.:) Time for me to do a garden update...:)
    We did lose 39 tomatoe plants to late blight and our potatoe plants died early too.???


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