Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Match Box - Tutorial

As we have worked to establish rhythms to our day, we have used the lighting and extinguishing of candles to signify the beginning and end of many activities. Candles at meal times, candles at circle time, candles at bedtime. There is just something magical about candles, don't you agree?

Well with all the matches we have been using I had to come up with a way to make the ugly match box a little more presentable. So the quick and easy solution was to make a wool felt cover.

You will need:

  • a piece of felt the same size as the top of the match box

  • Scraps of felt to make your decoration - we chose leave as it is autumn now

  • templates for you decorations - clip art is great for this

  • scissor

  • fabric glue
First trace the side of the match box you want to cover onto the large piece of felt. Cut out.

Next glue the felt to the match box.

Next pin the templates onto your scraps of felt. Cut out. Arrange on top of the felt covered box. Once you like the arrangement, glue the pieces in place.

All finished. Now the matches can sit out and not be an eye sore. The bees wax candle was made by Bekah as part of our Michaelmas Celebration.


  1. oh what a lovely idea! and so simple too. thanks for sharing xx

  2. What a beautiful idea, these would make a great gift along with a candle. This is on my craft to do list, how fun!! Thanks for sharing :) ~April

  3. Cool idea for making an ugly object look pretty and worth having on display :)


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