Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kale Chips Better Than Potato Chips!

Even though I was seeing Kale Chips all over the Internet accompanied by rave reviews I was still skeptical. Could these really be that good? But as I am always on the look out for healthy and frugal snack I thought they might be worth a try. So armed with a few recommended recipes from my favorite blogs, a bunch of kale, and a day that we were stuck home without my junk food loving husband, we set out to make kale chips.

Rebekah is always up to help out in the kitchen. She thought the kale was kind of funny looking. Any drying it after I washed it wasn't an easy task with all the ruffles in the leaves. But she persevered and did a great job.

I tore the kale into smaller pieces. Not too small mind you as they shrink a TON when cooked. Rebekah added a drizzle of olive oil. I got to toss it as Rebekah hates for her hands to be dirty.

We spread the kale on parchment lined baking sheets and sprinkled with a little salt and granulated garlic. Baked in a 300 degree oven for about 20 minutes. The first time we made these I couldn't get a picture of the chips as the girls were eating them faster than I could make them. And when they were gone there was a very unhappy four year old. She wanted more. A great thing, but I didn't have any more kale, and this was during Irene so I wasn't running out for more kale. I offered her some of her father's potato chips, a treat she usually loves, but she wasn't having anything to do with potato chips. She wanted kale chips! In her words they are so much better!!! Oh my mama heart was overflowing.

I finally was able to snap a picture of the second batch we made, but they didn't last long as well. Next year you can bet there will be kale in the garden.

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