Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Desire to Grind My Own Grains and a Giveaway!

We have been on a path to eating better for some time now. Those of you that know me know that I love to prepare healthy and frugal meals and snacks for my family. Over the years I have rid our diet of premade and processed food. Most of what we eat I make. One area that had always interested me has been to grind my own grains. There is such a health benefit to grinding your own grains, and it is also a frugal way to get the best for your family. The caveat: Grain Mill are EXPENSIVE. I always have my eye open for a great deal on one, but it just hasn't panned out yet. But maybe, just maybe now is the time. Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers is hosting an AMAZING giveaway! A brand new Nutrimill from Paula's Bread! Oh I am already dreaming about fresh ground wheat, corn, kamut . . . and all the yummy baked goods that go with it.
So if you'd like a chance to win head on over to Heavenly Homemakers and sign up. And don't forget who sent you.

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