Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apple Days

Autumn just wouldn't be autumn without a trip or two to the apple orchard. We headed to Hatch's Orchard with a bunch of our homeschool buddies for a day of picking, learning, and picnicking.

The trees were loaded with apples! And when I say apples I mean APPLES! Not only were there tone on each and every tree but they were big, beautiful, juicy, sweet apples. Hannah could have stood in this one spot and easily picked her basket full.

Rebekah was thrilled that she could reach the apples this year. She was so serious about her picking. Looking for just the apples she wanted. And then she was so careful to pick is just the way Mrs. Hatch had taught her too. Did you know you need to be careful not to break off next year's blossom? Yes it is already there and if you break it off no apple next year.

My girls have never been good a posing for pictures. But that's okay I think they look great. After the apple picking we headed up the mountain behind the orchard for a picnic. We've done this before, but I am always still amazed by the view.

And then there was the crowning of the Apple Queens and Apple Kings. These were the children who got BINGO first during the apple class Mrs. Hatch gave.
Then it was home to eat and cook all those yummy apple treats we love. First up was an apple crisp. My husband is still in search for the perfect apple crisp recipe. He and Hannah made this one and it came close. I think it needed to be in a shallower pan with more crisp topping. But that is just my two cents. Do you have a crisp recipe you love? We'd love if you'd share it.

Of course there was applesauce, apple pie filling, dried apples, and the most delicious dessert creation made by Sarah. We have named them apple pastry rounds. Simply put Sarah took a peeled and cored apple and cut it into 1 1/2 inch slices. She then placed the apple slice on a round of pie dough. Next she filled the center with brown sugar and cinnamon or maple sugar. Wrapped the dough around the apple slice leaving a little hole in the top for a vent. As a finishing touch she sprinkled the top with cinnamon sugar or maple sugar and popped them in the oven. They were so good I couldn't even get a picture. They were gone that fast. They were the perfect size! I know she will be making them again and I will be sure to have my camera ready.

Here are just a few of our goodies. I love putting up food for winter. It is comforting to know that we will be able to enjoy our harvest all winter long.

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