Saturday, October 9, 2010

4H at the Fair

Thursday we headed to the Fryeburg Fair. Our first stop had to be the 4H building. Why? Because Hannah had entered items in the fair for the first time. And boy was she excited to see if she had earned any ribbons.

Here she is in front of her sewing club's display case. The group made the banner together. Hannah helped with all the lettering. I think it came out great.

Her pillow received a blue ribbon. As you can guess she was very excited. And the excitement just grew as she realized that she was honored with four blue ribbons and one red ribbon. She was on cloud nine.

One of the best parts, was she was able to share it with her grandparents. We had to head back to the 4H building a couple of time just to double check the ribbon count.

And the fun didn't stop. When we got home she was thrilled to find she and her friend James were in the paper. A cute picture of them setting up the display!
Next up in 4H sewing: pajama pants.


  1. Wow! Congratulations! You are making me want to seriously look into our local 4H Sewing Club.

  2. yay! Sophie also had some blue ribbons at the Fryeburg Fair!! we loved seeing hannah's things!


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