Thursday, December 11, 2008

We're not really models, we just play them on the Internet

Any of you know us, know how thin and tall our Sarah is. It is so hard to find clothing that fits her. Well a couple of months ago I ordered matching jumpers for the girls and I from Ringger Clothing. Well I have to tell you I was more than impressed with their service and quality. I email Mrs. Ringger with my concerns and Sarah's measurements. Not only did she email me back promptly, but after exchanging a few emails she called me and we worked out a size that would work for Sarah. The jumpers arrived in no time at all. They are beautifully made, wash wonderfully, and are comfy. All the girls and I just love them. Here is a picture of all of us in our new jumpers the day they arrived. (If you look closely at the Christmas Party pictures you will see we all have our jumpers on then too!)

Jump forward to today. I email Mrs. Ringger to find out what she suggested for Sarah when it came to a skirt. Once again I sent Sarah's measurements and what Sarah would like. In no time I had a response from her outlining exactly how to order complete with fabric suggestions and more. In one of the emails I sent today I included the above picture. Well, with our permission it is now on the Ringger Clothing site! The girls thought it was really cool to be the models for a clothing website.

Stop by and take a look at us as well as all the beautiful clothes that Mrs. Ringger sews.

Thank you Mrs. Ringger for the beautiful jumpers. We hope to order again soon! Dresses this time!

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