Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Candy

It was time again for Little Explorers annual Christmas candy making. This is a lot of fun, but also really messy. Think plumbs of powdered sugar everywhere!

The kids are getting old enough to do most of this project on their own, with just adult supervision. Above Sarah and Shannon mix the first batch on the stove. Below once it has finished cooking and they have added the flovoring and color it is poured into pan to start to cool.
Then comes the fun for everyone. Someone with tuff skin cuts the candy into long strips from the pans. The strips are tossed into the piles of powdered sugar on the table. All the other little hands cut the strips into bit size pieces. You need to work fast before the candy cools. If it does you can't cut it. You can break it, but you get sharp edges. Once the candy is all cut and tossed in the powder sugar, shake off the excess sugar. We tossed all the flavors/colors in a large turkey roaster. You can see it in the picture below.

Here is a jar of our hard candy! It is so yummy!

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