Sunday, November 9, 2008


Constructing a model of the Tabernacle was the girls' big project for the end of TOG Year 1 Unit 1. We used the top of a case of printer paper for the foundation of our model. The girls painted old fashion clothespins gold and put them around the sides of the box top. Above, Sarah attaches cloth to the clothespins.
The furnishing were made from various wood pieces we found around the house or purchased at A.C. Moore. They were then painted gold or bronze as instructed in the Bible. Above is the Ark of the Covenant with the lid removed. You can see the tablets with the 10 commandments, Arron's staff, and a jar of manna.

Here Hannah works on painting the Alter for the Burnt Offering that would be placed in the courtyard. Below are the furnishing for inside the tent.

Here is their finished Tabernacle! I think they did an awesome job!
Thanks to Kristen who was kind enough to share the directions for this project. You can find them at

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  1. This looks so good. I am sure the girls had tons of fun doing it.


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