Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hiding God's Word in Your Heart

Scripture memory has never been one of our family's strong points. In the past we had tried lots of things - Cd's with verses set to music, verses for copy work, curriculum assignments you were to read three times a day, devotional verse of the day. The children were hearing God's word but I never thought it was sticking with them.

Then I read a mom's corner by Terri Maxwell were she described what her family did. It was so simple. Put the verse where it can be seen during meals. Have everyone work in the verse at each meal, just start by reading it.

My husband blessed me this fall with the beautiful white board above. He made it out of shower board and some scrap wood he had lying around. He really is quite handy, but that is another post. So now I had the perfect spot to put our memory verse.

It has worked like a charm. Every meal the girls are hoping they will get to recite the verse first. A little healthy sibling competition at work here. Just through reading the verse breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyone in the family is memorizing Scripture. It is such a wonderful blessings.

It really warmed my heart when Hannah brought me a verse she came across during her quiet time and said mom I really think this is one that the family should learn together. And of course Rebekah is not to be out done. She will sit up at the table and point at the white board and in her 22 month old jibrish recite this weeks verse. Oh the joy of training your children in the way of the Lord.

To record our progress we started a notebook. In the front we record the verses we have memorized and in the back we list verses we would like to memorize in the future including Hannah's. Periodically we review the past verses. And on occation I have even heard one of us using some of these verses as a gentle reminder.

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