Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let It Snow!

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We woke to find the first snow of the season! 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff. The girls couldn't wait to get out and play. By the time I let them out after lunch there must have been 9 inches. Rebekah thought the snow was great and could actually maneuver around this year. The two older girls of course had to have a snow ball fight and tried to recruit Rebekah to be on their side. Rebekah wasn't having any of that and ended up the monkey in the middle.

The snow was wet and heavy. I love the way it clung to the trees. Unfortunately it turned to rain and now we have a yucky slushy mess! Oh well. I am sure the next snow is not very far away.


  1. Becca looks so cute under the tree. I love that hat.

  2. SNOW!! In November. I cant belive that.But looks like the kides were having fun.

  3. Trying oh so hard not to be envious of your wonderful snow, and all of that fun playtime in it. How lovely !!

    God Bless.


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