Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sewing for School

This year as part of our Tapestry of Grace curriculum, the girls are learning about many of the ancient civilizations. As we complete our study we finish it off with a celebration and feast with two other families using Tapestry as well. One of the girls favorite parts is making their costumes. Sarah has been putting her sewing machine to good use.

Here she is getting some hand sewing practice adding decorative ric rac to the neck of her dress.

The hand sewing was a little more difficult for Hannah. Maybe it was because mom has a hard time teaching her lefty daughter. Hannah stuck it out and her finger a few times, but she finished. I am so proud of her for completing her dress.

The sashes and head coverings were next. Here Hannah turns the tube she will use as her sash.

Here they are at our feast and celebration. Check back later for more pictures of our feast. I think they their costumes turned out great. Thank you Tapestry of Grace for making our studies come alive this year.

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