Friday, October 17, 2008


Fridays are timeline day in our homeschool. The girls look forward to coloring the figures they studied all week long. Then during lunch we discuss each person or event and add them to our timeline in the appropriate place.
The timeline is a large piece of cardboard covered in a stone print contact paper. We then made lines with red ribbon. To figure our the dates for the lines, we took the number of years TOG yr 1 covers and divided it by the number of lines we had on our board. Mom then adjusted the numbers a bit knowing that we would have more on our timeline during the later part of the year. We typed the years on address labels and adhered them to the ribbons.
Here you can see the timeline in our kitchen. It is a good 6 feet tall. Thanks to Homeschool in the Woods for their beautiful timeline figures and the Mystery of History for their sewing board timeline. Our timeline is based on their directions.

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  1. Any tips for doing a time line on the wall? We have one wall we are using but not sure how to divide the date lines up right???? Yours looks great... and the girls too!


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