Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cylinder Seals

The girls are at it again with another hands on history craft project. Today they are making cylinder seals similar to the ones found through out ancient Mesopotamia.

Carving the desired shapes and letters into the clay was not an easy task. It gave all us a greater appreciation of the ancient artists who crafted the cylinders we viewed on museum web sites. They are beautifully detailed.

Earlier in the week we used a picture of a cylinder seal from the Royal Tomb of Ur for our weekly Charlotte Mason style picture study. The girls have really enjoyed these studies. The addition of art history and appreciation to our curriculum this year has been extremely beneficial. Thank you Tapestry of Grace!

Above is the impression Sarah's seal made in play dough. Below is Hannah's. Nice job girls!

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  1. These look great! We made cylinder seals too but we used the TP tube and yarn method. The boys were not happy with the prints they made though, I guess we will try these next time.


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