Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

I was so excited to spot the first Robin just the other day, a sure sign of Spring. The days were getting a little warmer, the snow was beginning to recede and the mud, the glorious mud was turning up everywhere. Mud in New England is the surest sign of Spring. And so when the weather man started predicting a BIG snow storm heading our way on April 1st, many of us were hoping it was one of the biggest April Fools jokes ever played. Not so. This is the view from our kitchen window this morning. Lots of snow and not a Robin in sight. And the snow is still coming down. Hopefully the temperatures will rise quickly and the snow wont last long. I am ready for Spring! And I just wanted to share this cute April Fool's story I found over at Bending Birches, a lovely Waldorf inspired blog. I love how she "acted" out the story for her children.

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