Saturday, March 27, 2010

4H County Activities Day

I posted earlier that the girls have joined a local 4H group. We are still learning the ins and out of 4H and having a grand time doing it.

This Saturday was County Activities Day. The girls didn't really know what it was all about and were hesitant to enter. Sarah finally got up the nerve and enter two photographs she had taken. One last summer - a tree with the sun streaming through it. One this winter - a view of the icy river from a bridge. You'll hear more about the photos later.

The action exhibits were a lot of fun. the kids above are playing a livestock trivia game, much like jeopardy. Of course this city girl didn't know the answer to any of the questions. I did lean a lot though.

Hannah had a great time learning how to clean an English saddle, another one of the action exhibits.

Mary is making slime. This was a big hit with all the kids.

But for Rebekah, the best part was the cows. She is convinced that she can have a cow if these kids can. She thinks we need a papa, mama and six little cows. I think cows would be great too. But I don't think anyone else is on board.

The day ended with the awards. Sarah received two blue ribbons and an invitation to State Activities Day for her photo of the the River in Winter. So I guess we will be heading to UNH in June. She was so excited and we were so proud.

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  1. Great job Sarah!! We may have to get in on the fun next year!


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