Friday, September 11, 2009

Beech Hill Farm and Bison Ranch

Our first field trip of the fall was to the Beech Hill Farm and Bison Ranch in North Waterford, Maine. We had a huge group of about 50 homeschoolers. It was the biggest group the farm had ever had. We started the tour inside the beautiful farm house where the owners talked about the history of their farm as well as that of the Bison. Then we headed outside to see these amazing animals.

Our first stop was to feed Little Warrior. He four months old and already 200 pounds. He was the first of a set of twins born this spring. Bison don't have twins very often and the mother rejected him. So he has had to be bottle bucket fed. He scarfed this gallon of goats milk in no time at all.

In the upper pasture, the children learned how the Native Americans used ALL the parts of the Bison including the dung. The owner of the farm lit some dried white sage and explained how the Native Americans were so grateful for the Bison and said prayers to the Creator giving thanks.

Below you can see some of the kids collecting bison hair. The fibers can be spun into yarn. The bison rub up against this big brush to help remove their heavy winter coats.

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