Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School

I can't believe it but we have started school! The girls were excited to begin and didn't have a problem getting a jump on the school year even though most of their friends are still enjoying the rainy summer weather. With Sarah entering her first year of high school and Bekah joining the mix we changed things up this year. All the girls are doing their own thing. It seems strange not to be teaching them together, but it was definitely time to let them go their own ways.

Sarah is using Oak Meadow for English, History, Biology and a few electives. She is staying with Math U See for Algebra and using Rosetta Stone for Spanish. We're only on day two, but she seems to be thrilled with her classes and choice of curriculum. But boy is the work load different. Her days are long, but she is excited and really linking how things are going so far.

Hannah is also using Oak Meadow and Math U See. We are also supplementing with a bunch of Earthschooling blocks. We are learning the Choroi flute together as well a incorporating handiwork and home economics. So far so good and with Hannah that is amazing. She keeps telling me she is liking everything, but knows that it can't last as school can't be fun. Her words not mine.

Rebekah is just so excited to have her own school to do. For her I am putting together a Waldorf inspired kindergarten. We will do this for two years. I am using the wonderful FREE files at the yahoo group Waldorfhomeeducators, Earthschooling, and a lot of my own research. After family breakfast, Rebekah and I have her circle time while the other girls work independently. She really enjoys lighting our circle time candle, singing our morning song, reciting verses and more. Right now we are working on counting with a ladybug poem and rhythm with clapping games. Our circle time also includes some stretching and movement activities. We close with a verse and blow out the candle. Then we head to the table were Rebekah draws in her main lesson book. She chooses something to draw from one of the verses in circle time. Then each day we have a different activity-painting, play dough, baking, etc. The rest of her day is spent in creative play and helping mom around the house. We also try to get outside and explore the amazing world around us.

Rebekah working with homemade play dough.

Potato print lady bugs. Five of them just like the poem she is learning.

Hannah and Bekah working on Hannah's first science project.

Sarah's first biology lab.

The only class we are doing together at the moment - Geometry! We had a bunch of fun outside in the rain making circles. And then brought it inside to construct and dissect circles.

This is the first year I've had to teach all three. And so far so good. I worked hard at establishing a daily and weekly rhythm and it is paying off, at least so far. Of course this could all blow up by the end of the week. However for now all the school work is done, the house is rather tidy with laundry and dishes caught up and all the kids are asleep and it isn't even 9:30! So now I have a little time to knit, read, correct today's lessons and get ready for tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like a great start for your year! I will pray that things continue to go well for you. I appreciate the links in your post. I can't wait to have some time to peruse them. I've never heard of Earthschooling or Oak Meadow. Blessings on your year! If I can muddle through teaching 4, you can surely teach three! :-)


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