Friday, May 4, 2007

Aren't They Cute?

We went with our homeschool group to a local goat farm. There were a bunch of babies. This little guy is about six weeks old. There were a few babies born yesterday that were still with their mothers and a few mamas still waiting to give birth.

The girls had a great time petting the goats and tasting the milk and cheeses. Hannah loved the cheese - what a surprise. we brought home a quart of milk to make yogurt. Yummy!

We learned so much about goats. Did you know. . .

  • That a goat produces a gallon of milk per day?

  • That more goats are milked in the world than cow?

  • That goats milk is more easily digested than cows milk?

Oh how the girls and I wanted to bring home a couple of goats. Wouldn't it be great to have fresh milk every day? Unfortunately we don't have the property for a pair of goats. Maybe at the next house.

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